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Why do we use precautionary allergen statements?

You many have noticed this on the backs of our packs. Early tubs of coconuts Organic will say ‘may contain dairy as made in a factory that handles these ingredients. The truth is, that this was advice we took from Tesco when we launched with them in June 2019. At that time, there was not a single ice cream manufacturer in the UK that was fully vegan that could handle the capacity we needed to supply Tesco. So we had to find an alternative.

We searched high and low for a manufacturer that could a) handle the Tesco volumes and b) handle the strict standards we required them to meet regarding allergens.

And we found them, eventually! They do make dairy ice cream also. One day we would love to have our own, fully-vegan factory. But that is just not feasible for us now.

Because they were a new manufacturer, we lacked test results to show the absence of milk. Therefore, we decided for the first 3 or 4 months, until we had run production a few times and could show consistently that we don’t contain milk we would include a ‘may contain warning’ on the packs.

The great news is that these packs are nearly sold through and we will start to see our statement change to ‘produced in a factory that handles milk’ . Once we get another 6 months or so of data under our belts we will look to remove this precautionary advice all together.

What do we actually do to ensure our product is dairy-free?

We test every single batch fro the absence of the 3 x markers for milk. That’s casein, lactose and beta-lactogolbulin. We send product off to test in 3rd party, independant and accredited labs and they use accredited testing methods. We test to the thresholds of <2.5ppm, <100ppm and <2.5ppm respectively. All product is stored on a positive release, meaning we won’t queue it up for dispatch until it has had a positive test result.

Does Coconuts Organic taste of coconuts?

Hmmmm…..good question! We would say yes and no. Mint Choc Chip Pure Caramel, Double Caramel, Rum N Raisin and Choc Orange are for sure the least coconutty. Creamy Coconut definitely the most coconutty! Pure Chocolate…well that really divides people. Some say it does, some say it doesn’t. But, it is also our highest-rated flavour on Ocado.com so which one it is it is totally delicious.

Where can I buy Coconuts Organic?

Check out our store finder in the where to buy page. If you want to see your local store stocking either our 100ml or 460ml tubs - get in touch and we’ll do the rest.