Cecily’s Story

An organic idea

Back in 2013 I was commuting every day from Brighton to London for a full-on job in retail management. The work was intense, the commute was draining and I was looking for better options that caffeine and sugar to boost my energy levels and stay healthy. I switched to a plant-based diet and felt so much better. But ice cream was the one thing I really missed. The non-dairy options available just didn’t provide the satisfaction that I was looking for.  I became obsessed with the idea of replicating the smooth, creamy indulgence of dairy ice cream, in a natural, vegan version.

I started making my ice cream at home, using coconut milk and coconut sugar, and pretty quickly realised I was on to something. A year later, I packed up my life in Brighton, headed back to my roots in Cornwall and set about making my passion for ice cream and coconuts my life.


Coconuts Naturally

I launched the business in 2015 under our original brand, Coconuts Naturally, pulling in favours from friend and family, making the ice cream myself, and selling it wherever I could – starting out with local shops and cafes in Cornwall.

Within a year, we’d secured our first Great Taste Award and a national distributor. Within two years we were listed in Ocado, exporting to Dubai, and had won another four Great Taste Awards.  

Slaying a dragon

In 2018, I put myself through the terrifying, but exciting, experience of BBC Dragons’ Den, securing two investment offers and a thrilling accolade from Peter Jones, who said my ice cream was the best he’d ever tasted in the free-from sector.

Coconuts Organic

Fast forward to 2019 and Coconuts Naturally has become Coconuts Organic. It’s a (slightly) new name, along with a completely new look - clearer, bolder and all set to brighten up supermarket freezers, with the launch two new flavours into Tesco stores across the UK.


It’s what’s on the inside that counts

I’m super proud of our flashy new packaging, and it’s taken a ton of work from a whole bunch of talented people. But in end, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. And with Coconuts Organic that’s the same delicious, creamy, completely natural coconut-based ice cream that I was making in my kitchen back in the early days. So whether you’re 100% vegan, lactose intolerant, seeking to cut down on animal products or simply looking for a natural ice cream that’s not just empty calories – you’ve come to the right place. I hope you enjoy eating Coconuts Organic as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it.



Founder, CEO + Chief Coconut